Banner ban is not in the Christmas spirit

Posted On October 15, 2006

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The organiser of a glittering Christmas fair says her plans to advertise it are threatened by a council decision to ban banners from the borough.

Andrea Brown, who runs the Russian Christmas event in Wimbledon Village in UK, has been floored by a letter from the Council saying that poor maintenance of banners in the past has forced it to prohibit them from Merton entirely.

Mrs Brown said: “We normally put a banner across the High Street, one near Wimbledon Tennis, one in Wimbledon town and one at Tibbets Corner”.

The news has also shocked staff at New Wimbledon Theatre, which is responsible for the artwork on the event’s banners.

Mrs Brown has now contacted her local MP, who she hopes will push for the decision to be changed in time for the floodlit Christmas extravaganza, which is set to sparkle with Cossack dancers, balalaika, a fashion show and stalls selling Russian food and gifts.

A representative on behalf the MP for Wimbledon, said: “This is a ridiculous ban. For example, we won’t be able to use banners for the Christmas Wonderland event in Wimbledon town centre or the Russian Christmas Fair in the village.”

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One Response to “Banner ban is not in the Christmas spirit”

  1. Cynthia Barrett

    Hello from Canada! Your City Council sounds draconian. What on earth do they mean by ‘maintainance’ of the banners? Surely, these banners are seasonal….no one wants to see a dreary Christmas banner in August, however banners in Canada are welcomed pieces of art that brighten up the roadways in Vancouver, British Columbia and are VERY often auctioned off after the event is over, earning more funds for the organization. One important point, though, the banners MUST be well designed, mounted and removed on a pre-arranged date. Case closed, problem solved. good luck, Wimbledon…you have the most beautiful city in all of England..cherish it!
    Cynthia Barrett