Red crab migration

Posted On October 19, 2006

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Christmas Island > 17 October 2006 to 16 January 2007

Every year one of the most spectacular migrations in nature occurs on Christmas Island, when around 100 million red crabs move from inland shelters to the shore.

Christmas Island is an Australian territory, but geographically it is closer to Java and is extremely small. The island is a mere dot on the map compared to other territories and is the peak of a submarine mountain, the result of a volcano many millions of years ago.

Red crabs severely outnumber humans on Christmas Island and there isn’t a better time to appreciate this fact than when the creatures decide to migrate. Streets become overrun with red, clawed, waddling crabs, all desperately trying to make it to the beach.

Unfortunately some aren’t so lucky and most visitors have to put up with a strange cracking sound for most of the day as the crabs scramble under the wheels of moving vehicles. However, for wildlife enthusiasts this is one of those experiences that shouldn’t be missed.