Christmas Decorating

SANTA CLAUS > From “Harpers Bazar” December 1867.

Directions for making Santa Claus >

  • Take five large pine cones, two for the arms, two for legs, and one for the body; glue them together, and wind them round with wire.
  • Cut the boots out of wood, set them on a block, sharpen the upper ends, and insert them in holes bored in the legs.
  • Glue the head and hands of an ordinary jointed doll on the body and arms; make the beard and hair of flax, and fit a fur cap on the head.
  • Put a girdle of dried moss round the waist, to conceal the wire, and knit tippet on the neck.
  • Fasten a paste-board basket, filled with candies and toys, on the back; throw a netted bag with nuts and lady-apples, over one shoulder; and put a miniature Christmas tree in one hand, and a nut-cracker and switch in the other.

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