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Posted On October 25, 2006

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How to set a dazzling table >
The goal is to create a specific ambiance from all the items that are placed on the table. The theme can be centered around the food to be served – for example, Mexican or Indian – in which case you would choose all sorts of objects that are in keeping with that motif.

For an Asian meal, chopsticks, bamboo place mats, bamboo sprouts, etc. would create a lovely effect. But the theme could also be dictated by the date of the meal: Christmas, Easter, New Year, Halloween… all occasions that give you an excuse to create a splendid table.

Consider using tablecloths, place mats, serviettes and napkin rings not only for their functional purpose, but also for their important decorative role: with their varied shapes and colours they contribute to the beauty of your table.

Sparkling silverware and glassware are also elements that add to the table’s appearance. Be sure to inspect each piece carefully, and wipe the cutlery with vinegar to make it shine.

Flowers are also an important part of making your table pretty. They provide a simple way of decorating. You can, for example, place a small bouquet on the plate of each guest as a sign of welcome. The overall effect should be one of harmony with the other elements of the table, particularly by tying into one colour scheme.

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