Greek Christmas tree

The Greek capital of Athens was pulling out all the stops last year to celebrate the Christmas season. It was recreating a fairy tale town complete with a giant Christmas tree, a village full of sweets, carousels and a life-size dollhouse.

Children sang carols and crowds clapped and cheered as the Christmas tree was lit in the capital’s main square (Syntagma Square). A fairy tale village was constructed around the tree. And the wooden houses are filled with baskets of colorful toys, chocolates and sweets for the public. Performers dressed as familiar children’s book characters such as “Alice in Wonderland”, “the Tin Soldier” and “The little drummer boy” performed inside a giant dollhouse. And scores of young and old lined up for a ride on the carousel.

If you have a sneak into our Flickr Photo Gallery, you will see what we are talking about! Have fun!