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Posted On October 27, 2006

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Greek Halva Truffles

· 200gr. (7oz) cream cheese
· 350gr. (12.25oz) Greek Macedonian Halva with Almonds
· ½ cup of fresh cream
· 2 cups of walnuts, roughly cut
· 1 cup of ground biscuits
· 1 cup of biscuits, crumbled
· Multi-coloured sprinkles or chocolate flakes

Whip the cream cheese with the cream with a mixer, until a smooth creamy texture is obtained. Crush the Halva and add it to the mixture. Continue to whip for 2 more minutes. Add in the ground biscuits and combine all ingredients with thumbs. Add the roughly cut biscuits and the nuts. Knead the paste, until the ingredients are well mixed. Put the mixture in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Take it out and shape it into small balls. Lay out the chocolate sprinkles in a flat plate and roll the truffles around the heaping sprinkles, making sure that the surface is covered with stuck sprinkles. Put it in the paper cup-cake holders and keep in the refrigerator until ready to serve.