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Get your festive party hats on! It’s time to book your Christmas ‘do’.

Everyone has been talking about ‘doing something’ to celebrate Christmas but no-one has actually done anything about it. Time’s getting short, and nothing’s been booked, nothing planned, everyone’s grumpy and disaster looms! Fortunately there’s still time.

It may take a good deal of concentrated work however and someone will have to take on the responsibility and get to grips with the planning and booking or it will be too late. At this stage of the game you’ll need a more accurate idea of the numbers attending than you might have needed earlier on.
Most venues will already have bookings and it will be a matter of finding somewhere your group of colleagues can be fitted in. As soon as you know who wants to come, get to grips with the telephone and start ringing around.

However don’t get discouraged. Don’t be put off. Be persistent. Somewhere there will be a hotel, pub, club or restaurant, with room for your group. It’s simply a matter of determination. While you are pounding away at the telephone, give some thought to viable alternatives. If you cannot find a local catering establishment locally with room for your party, you will have to think of something else.

The first alternative is a properly equipped community or church hall together with the services of an outside caterer and specially booked festive entertainment. Trouble is, others may also have had the same thought.

A coach trip to some more distant venue is another solution. There may be several catering establishments a few miles away with room. Some coach companies indeed, often have special excursions for just such an event with a restaurant and meal all thrown in. A coach will also allow virtually all your guests to enjoy a drink especially if you can arrange for the coach to drop each one off at, or very near to, their homes.

Theme parks, zoos, exhibition and conference centres, and other places of entertainment can also be booked for special events, and Christmas parties are no exception to the rule. Some have catering facilities and a full complement of staff, some don’t, and again you may have to book outside caterers. Something you have to think carefully about is the choice of food. Does everyone want traditional festive fare like turkey and Christmas pudding etc.

Many might prefer to have some non-festive food and go to a restaurant specialising in Italian, Indian, Chinese food etc. Always ensure vegetarians are catered for as most restaurants, hotels and other establishments today have good vegetarian choices.

The essential ingredients for a happy Christmas are time spent with friends, family and colleagues mixed with plenty of fine food and drink, topped with a generous helping of laughter. It certainly is a time of indulgence but there’s no better time to celebrate.

If you’ve been assigned the responsibility of organising your Christmas night out, make sure it’s an amazing event they will talk about for years to come. There’s plenty of choice when it comes to dining out, whether it’s a traditional turkey dinner with all the festive trimmings you crave or perhaps something a little different.

So many places can cater for your Christmas party needs, from traditional pubs, trendy bistros and wine bars, to exclusive restaurants and luxurious hotels which are noted for their excellent standard of cuisine and service, as well as a broad range of cuisine from around the world.

Lots of restaurants and pubs are offering seasonal discounts for big parties with after dinner entertainment from discos to live bands. Many are hosting themed nights to get you into the festive spirit.

Not only is it time to organise office parties etc, but why not think about Christmas Day for yourself and your family? If you spend every yuletide slaving over a hot stove to create a festive feast for the multitudes, only to find it’s gobbled up by the hungry hoards in less than a minute, why not give yourself a break and dine out on Christmas day?

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning, blissfully aware that there are no potatoes to peel or turkeys to stuff, no carrots to chop and you won’t even have to touch a sprout if you don’t want to. All because your Christmas dinner will have been lovingly prepared for you by someone else.

Let some marvellous chefs do the hard work for you, while you relax with a warming tipple by a roaring log fire. But if you do want to eat out on Christmas Day, there’s no time to waste. You need to book as early as possible to benefit from this Christmas Day service. Most eateries will be open on Christmas Day, but demand for tables will be high and there will usually be a set Christmas menu offered.