Polish Christmas ornaments exports boom

Christmas ornament factories in Poland have reported a banner year in sales. An increase in large orders for Polish Christmas ornaments at the beginning of the year and continuing orders after that have left Polish factories unable to take large orders for Christmas ornaments since approximately August of this year.

Factories report tt at some small orders of Christmas ornaments are available but factories are generally producing as much, and as fast as they can to try and fulfill orders that were received over the summer. Polish Christmas ornaments have always been held in high regard among collectors. They are receiving more and more attention from Christmas shop owners in the West.

Polish retailers and gifts shops that carry a full line of Polish Christmas ornaments report, such as the Amber Room in Warsaw, Poland, that this year Christmas ornaments seem to be a gift of choice to be sent to many people who have emigrated to the West.

Polish customers are buying Polish Christmas ornaments to be sent to friends and family in the United States and Canada as well as to emigrants who will not be able to make it back to Poland for the Christmas season. Retailers in Poland who are ordering now are finding themselves unable to get Christmas ornaments in sufficient quantities for the unexpected demand.

The most popular Christmas ornaments for export are the forms. The balls are more popular locally than in the export market. This difference is primarily a result of the difference in shipping cost for the balls as compared to the forms. Christmas ornaments factories are already preparing for the 2007 season and the Christmas ornament trade shows which are held in January and February.

According to reports, some of the best selling Christmas ornaments are those that sell for as much as $100 per ornament. These ornaments are so popular that one major producer will be shipping its first container of such ornaments in January 2007 for distribution to year round Christmas ornaments shops.

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