A Christmas Fair in St. Petersburg

Fair on the Square in St. Petersburg, Russia > City Hall is to launch a Christmas Fair.

The first annual event will be held between December 15 and January 15 on Arts Square.

“The fair will offer its help to Petersburgers and guests of the city in buying Christmas presents, and there also will be traditional Russian food and drinks at the fair,” said Alexey Sergeyev, the Chairman of the city’s Committee on Economic Development.

Cathedral Restoration > St. Petersburg City Hall plans to restore Troitsky Cathedral, the main dome and cupola of which were largely destroyed in a fire in August.

“The conditions allow us to restore the dome using either wood or metal,” Dementyeva from the City Hall said. “But if wood, the original material used, is chosen, then the restoration will be considered a heroic deed,” she said. 

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