Christmas isn’t too far….

Posted On November 13, 2006

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…specially when Taj holds its cake-mixing session > The nip in the air reminds us of the coming festive season and with December round the corner, can Christmas be far away?

Taj Chandigarh has been carrying on a tradition from last year that’s seen as a prelude to Christmas. It’s the event of cake mixing. This Saturday saw a total mixture of 100 kilos consisting of golden and black raisins, red cherries, apricots, almonds, orange peels, ginger peels, dates and different spices being put together for the Christmas cake. The cake-mixing event included special guests including the Governor’s wife Jean Rodriques. According to the bakery chef Vivek Kapoor, “This mix of fruits is marinated and stored for a month. The longer it is marinated in brandy, cider or both, the better it tastes. Christmas cakes are heavy in quantity as compared to normal cakes as they have lot of fruits and alcohol.”

And the special mixing session saw a lot of fun too with the guests mixing in the fruits. The hotel’s executive chef, A N Mishra mentioned that, “Tradition is that as Christmas comes closer, everyone plan ahead for this ceremony. The cake batter will be fermented for 40-45 days and would be baked then. The variety includes plum cakes, puddings, cookies, pastries etc.”

There are many traditions surrounding the Christmas pudding like while mixing the cake coins are put in it and people make a wish, it is stirred and those who get the coin in their serving get wealth, health, happiness and their wishes come true. So this Christmas when you have your share of cake eat closely for who knows that lucky one might be just you!