How to start preparing yourself for Christmas Season

Good thing I love the holidays. But even if you love the holidays as much as I do, we all know how much extra work Christmas entails. There are hundreds of celebrations, traditions and obligations during the holiday season and to pull it all off you will need sharp organizational skills.  

November is the perfect time to pick up a calendar and create your own holiday planner. I know for myself I can’t do everything nor do I want to, but there are certain traditions and events that are “a must”. I start by writing those “must-dos” on the calendar in red ink. Any other possible events are written in blue ink, but I certainly don’t sweat it if every event or task isn’t attended or completed. 

However, many of the tasks and events I don’t want to miss can sure benefit from an early start. Here is a reminder of some of the things that you may also have on your list and may be helpful to start early. Now is the time to:

  • Enter on your calendar all of the important dates that you are already aware of such as school concerts, craft fairs, Christmas tours, birthdays that may get lost in the season and Christmas or cocktail parties.
  • Begin making all of your “to do” lists, your master gift list, baking list, Christmas card list and entering the dates on your calendar as to when you would like them completed.
  • If you are having a Christmas party or gathering, now is the time to send out the invitations so that people have time to RSVP.
  • If possible, I try to set out the exterior lights to check for broken bulbs and strings that no longer work. 
  • Getting up some of the lights every weekend, starting just before Halloween, cuts down on ladder time in the freezing cold.
  • Time to purchase Christmas cards if you are writing them this year.
  • All presents headed overseas should be bought, wrapped and sent by the end of November.
  • Plant Christmas Amaryllis bulbs now for blooms at Christmas. 
  • Depending on the variety, they usually bloom four to six weeks after planting.  
  • If you are super organized it will be time to inventory your Christmas decorations and consider any changes in theme or additional areas to be decorated. 
  • This gives you time to browse a little for yourself while you shop for those on your list.
  • Did you have enough glasses, cutlery, plates and placemats last year? If you have missing pieces make a list.
  • Schedule any carpet cleaning now.
  • Book babysitters for December.
  • If you do family photos this should also be arranged.
  • Are you going to be having overnight guests this season?  If so, are you all set up with enough bedding, towels and nice soap? You definitely don’t want to be doing that the week before Christmas.
  • Begin writing some of your Christmas cards out each week. Starting in early to mid-November.
  • Don’t forget to take a little time out for yourself, a latte, a good book and a walk.
  • It is such a wonderful time of year that you don’t want to overbook and obligate yourself, creating a crazy and chaotic Christmas. 

With a little organization you can be relaxed and stress-free, helping to create great memories of a happy holiday for years to come.

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