This year’s Christmas tree trend

Remember last year’s trendy upside-down Christmas trees?

This year’s tree trend appears a bit darker. Let’s just say it won’t be a white Christmas. Black Christmas trees, all the rage in Britain last year, are taking off on U.S. shores this holiday season.

“We’ve already had to reorder,” says Bill Quinn of “We’re beyond happy.”

He has sold all but a few of the 71/2-foot pre-lit tree ($399), which boasts flat-black boughs. Even the wires on the Christmas lights are black.

People are decorating with contrasting colors “silver, gold, crystals, things that stand out.” What’s next? Bubble trees, he says. Swirling bubbles and dancing lights illuminate the spiral tree’s water-filled “trunk” ($220). “I predict it’s going to be huge,” Quinn says.