Christmas Lights by David Batchelor

Artist designed lights will illuminate the South Bank Centre this Christmas, as part of a initiative by Hayward Gallery Director, Ralph Rugoff, to present visual art projects across the whole site.

In the second of a series of visual arts projects, renowned British artist, David Batchelor, has been commissioned to create the inaugural series of Christmas lights.

David Batchelor’s work involves the modification of familiar, everyday objects from the urban environment that are often overlooked. Taking inspiration from the current restoration work to transform the Royal Festival Hall, David Batchelor is using brilliant colour and light to create alternative displays of Christmas lights.

Along the west side of the Royal Festival Hall he will apply a range of coloured lighting to various objects, transforming pallets, bins and cement mixers from mundane building tools into extraordinary glowing forms.

The riverside in front of the Royal Festival Hall will be illuminated with festoons of low energy lights set inside recycled plastic supermarket bottles. Multi-coloured lines of luminous cleaning fluid and fizzy drinks containers will swing between the shops and trees along the river.