How far your Christmas dinner will travel

Posted On November 19, 2006

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How far your Christmas dinner will travel to reach your plate this year?

As you tuck into your Christmas turkey with all the trimmings, you’d be horrified if you knew just how far your festive dinner had travelled. Altogether the goodies on your plate could have flown nearly 85,000 miles, nearly FOUR TIMES round the world!  And it will also have done a horrific amount of damage to the planet because of the carbon dioxide from the fuel used by planes.

The turkey could have come nearly 5,500 miles from Brazil, the veg from Africa or even Thailand almost 6,000 miles away. The brandy butter could have come 11,800 miles from New Zealand and the dates around 3,000 miles from Iran. Wine from Chile would have travelled 6,800 miles and from Australia at least 10,500 miles. If you add up all the miles, your Christmas dinner could come to a shocking total of 84,612 miles.

So when a family sits down, the meal would have created a massive amount of carbon dioxide, the gas destroying the planet. The meal flown 84,612 miles on a full plane would emit 31million kilograms of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of yearly emissions for 48,692 three-bedroom semi-detached houses. Sarah Carter, climate change and carbon monitoring researcher at Edinburgh University, said the carbon footprint left from a Christmas dinner that lasts just a few hours is “shocking”. “A lot of people will be appalled by how far their Christmas dinner has come – the mileage total is incredible,” she said. “Also, the large carbon dioxide emissions this creates is awful.

“If you consider the number of ingredients for Christmas meals being flown into the country, you get an absolutely staggering amount of carbon emissions. If you want to do your bit to help the environment, always buy locally if possible, and walk to the shops, don’t drive.”


RED WINE > Chile 6,812 miles

WHITE WINE > Australia 10,569 miles

BUCKS FIZZ > Orange juice: USA 3,534 miles. Champagne: France 656 miles


XMAS PUD > Turkey 1,770 miles

BRANDY BUTTER > Brandy: France 656 miles. Butter: New Zealand 11,769 miles

CHOCS > Belize 5,185miles

NIBBLES SATSUMAS > Spain 1,045 miles

MINCE PIES > Turkey 1,770 miles

DATES > Iran 2,742 miles

MIXED NUTS > Various 10,176 miles

XMAS CRACKERS > China 5,067 miles

COFFEE > Costa Rica 5,455 miles


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