X-rated Christmas display

Eyebrows were raised outside the Myer Christmas windows in Melbourne when a platypus appeared to be intimately involved with a wombat.

A malfunction was the cause of the accidental and unfortunate positioning of the two characters in this year’s Christmas windows titled Wombat Devine. But window watchers in attendance did not know about the mistake for some time and many were quite surprised by what they saw. Morning radio programs were flooded with upset callers who thought what they had seen in the particular window was in bad taste.

The mechanical nature of the display creates an interaction between the furry characters that would be better suited to a more adult forum. But some people who were getting into the Christmas Spirit outside the traditional window scenes weren’t at all upset by the scenes.

Technicians from the company Myer employed to create and install the displays were called in quickly and climbed into the window scene to fix the problem. They explained the platypus was supposed to be rolling the sleeping wombat to try and wake it up, but the coupling that attached its hand to the wombat was loosened by the rocking motion.