Royalty Free Christmas Music with a Touch of Hollywood

Royalty Free Music website, is delighted to announce that they are hosting Christmas music produced by award winning Hollywood composer and sound designer, Christopher Page.

Media Music Now’s founder, Lee Pritchard first became acquainted with Christopher when Media Music Now was being developed back in 2005. Christopher, now back in Brighton, United Kingdom, is a great supporter of digital distribution and believes that finding new uses and recycling existing music is a great way for composers to create an additional income.

Christopher established a great career in Hollywood spanning 20 years. He worked for Viacom and was involved in feature films including Witness, Karate Kid, The Arrival and many TV Series including Columbo, Diagnosis Murder, Matlock and Perry Mason. He has a huge passion for music and has generously supported numerous up and coming composers getting started in the industry. Chris is always positive about new music projects and has become a good friend and devoted supporter of Media Music Now. “Hosting his Christmas music on is a great honour”. States company founder Lee Pritchard.

Royalty Free Christmas music by Christopher Page is exclusively available on Media Music Now and consists of twelve tracks recorded with real instruments. The music can be purchased and downloaded instantly for a variety of uses.

For more details and to hear a demo go to Media Music Now, Royalty Free Music with Quality & Service

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