12 Tips For Mailing Business Christmas Cards

• Business greeting cards should be formal, brief and tailored.

• Send cards early so your business stands out among others.

• Personally sign each card.

• Don’t send electronic greeting cards by e-mail.

• Mail cards first class to ensure they are delivered to a forwarding address or returned.

• Include a return mailing address so recipients can keep their mailing lists up to date.

• Use an office address when mailing to business associates. Use a home address for employees or if the recipient is a personal friend.

• Make sure names of people and companies are spelled correctly.

• If the recipient is a married woman who uses her maiden name, include both recipients’ full names.

• For married couples, the husband’s name appears first on the envelope.

• Always use titles, such as Mr., Mrs. and Dr., when addressing the envelope. For women, the standard title is Ms.

• Hand-address envelopes rather than using printed labels.

Source: Hallmark Business Expressions


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