Try this > artificial and live greens mix well

Posted On November 27, 2006

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As you decorate for the Christmas Season, don’t be afraid to mix artificial with fresh greenery.

That’s a piece of advice from someone who is a big fan of bringing indoors whatever you have growing in your yard to adorn the mantel over your fireplace.

On the mantel, string a garland using tiny finishing nails hammered into the topside, where the holes won’t be visible the rest of the year. You can take them out and put them back into the exact same holes next year.

For another mantel idea, start with two tall lamps and an angel figurine about 2 feet tall. You need to get some height, into the design, either on either side and in the middle to maintain the symmetry, or on one side.

Beyond that, try to add fresh cuttings from whatever’s available in the yard, such as a few magnolia leaves around the angel for a simple, festive effect.

You can add twinkle lights around topiaries, but don’t just string Christmas lights to be stringing Christmas lights. Put them on something.

Beyond that, you can also add colorful balls, candles or twinkle lights in with the greenery or wrapped around the garland. You can add festive stocking holders and stockings. Finally, if you budget for an expensive garland, you’ll have it year after year.