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Posted On November 27, 2006

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So you’re camped out in the living room, enjoying snacks or a casual meal while you delve into the latest episode of  your fave Christmas show.

Your only beverage option for pairing with pizza or popcorn is beer, right? Wrong!

Wines, sparkling or not, don’t have to be saved for more formal occasions and full-course dinners. Like your favorite socially savvy pal, they can go laid-back without losing their savoir faire. 

Let me suggest three inexpensive choices for your next date with your favorite television show.

2004 Water Wheel Memsie >
This blended Australian red wine certainly sports a casual style, it has a screw cap rather than a cork, but it delivers a full, sweet taste. The spicy aroma hints at fruitcake, with accents of menthol and oak. Sip this when you’re munching on a late-night snack of cheese and crackers.

Il Prosecco >
A straw-colored, lightly sparkling nonvintage Italian wine, this fresh, crisp beverage tastes of apples and peaches. It’s not quite as bubbly as a champagne, and I would  suggest pairing Il Prosecco with pizza or nachos.

Segura Viudas Aria Estate Brut >
Another nonvintage choice, this sparkling Spanish wine blends the flavors of fresh pineapple, almonds and honey. The lively, crisp Cava looks and tastes elegant, without the equally chic price tag. Oh, and it’s great with popcorn too.