David’s saucy Christmas wish

What do you buy for the football icon who has everything? Saucepans, if David Beckham is anything to go by.

It seems the multi-millionaire insists he wants pots and pans instead of anything flash from his wife Victoria this Christmas.

The 31-year-old insists he’s always been a dab-hand in the kitchen: ‘I learnt to cook at 17. I love cooking now for my family so I’d love it if they bought me some saucepans or a frying pan.’

If 32-year-old Posh and her boys Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz are reading, you can pick up pans for just £18 in their local department store in Madrid, it was reported.

The glamorous couple split their time between the Spanish city, where David plays for Real Madrid, and their home in England, known as Beckingham Palace.

Posh herself can look forward to something a little more bling on December 25 as Becks added: ‘I love buying her jewellery.’

If David does get his Christmas wish it looks like it will be turkey with all the trimmings in the Beckham household, no bad thing for his super-skinny wife.