I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

Posted On November 29, 2006

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As the season of goodwill approaches, check carefully the next time you buy a tacky Christmas decoration – because it might be made out of drugs.

Two Columbian drug-smugglers have been arrested while making models of Santa Claus out of cocaine.

Cleverly, the pair were manufacturing the seasonal drug-Santas so that the drugs could be easily smuggled into America and Europe. Much like the James Bond film Licence To Kill, except with small Father Christmas figurines instead of huge exploding petrol tankers.

According to reports, the men were using a cocaine-laden ‘gelatinous mix’ which resembled ordinary plastic when it dried.

Alongside the Santa Clause statues, the smugglers were making a wide variety of other Christmas decorations, as well as holiday-themed cups and place mats, in their laboratory in the Tolima province, western central Columbia.