A German festive wine

Posted On December 1, 2006

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I know that most of us have special dinners coming up this Christmas Season and looking for a great sparkling wine that most everyone will enjoy can sometimes be a bit difficult.

As I enjoy dry champagnes and sparkling wines one suggestion I would offer is to try out a great German sparkling wine this season and enjoy a bubbly that has a nice touch of sweeter fruit in the flavor for a change.

I’ve tasted several good German Schaumweins over the years and one of my favorites is called Blau-Gold produced by Schloss Koblenz. The flavor is pretty much what you would expect, given that most of the grapes used in production are German Riesling and it’s rich, refreshing green apple tartness combined with the attractive lean acidity you search for in great German wines.

The sweet character of this sparkling is never cloying or overpowering but closer to what fresh fruit is all about with just that right level of grapey sweetness. Try it, I think you’ll more than like it.