Editorial Opinion > What’s happening to the world? Quo Vadis World?

Posted On December 1, 2006

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What’s happening to the world?

Why the hate against Christmas? Why the hate against Traditions and Religion? Why the world is banning Christmas?


A magic word! Alas, it’s loosing its meaning though. In the Americas and now in old Europe.

No matter if Christmas Holiday Season and the New Year’s Celebrations became so enormously commercialized, Christmas is still here. And will always be, forever and ever!

Why do you, world, change the name of Christmas and instead of joy you spread hatred and hostility?

Why do you, world, instead of simply wish “Merry Christmas” you wish “Happy Holidays”?

Why do you, world, instead of showing respect to your religion and traditions, you try to change and show your disrespect in dispute?

Why do you, world, instead of accepting the basics of humanity, you show your fear? If you, world, feel fear, try to overcome it by accepting this simple fact of life > you are a God’s creature.

Why do you, world, do this? Quo Vadis World?

Whether you are a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, or an atheist learn to show your respect. Respect is gained not dictated. Win respect from others by showing your respect to them. Respect others traditions so that your own are respected by them.

Respect Christmas, World, you fool world, the only things you know and do are wars. Stop them, you fool world. Embrace yourself, you fool world. Learn and show the Joy, the Peace, the Freedom, the Democracy, the Justice, the Brotherhood, the Love!

Learn and Respect, you fool world! And learn this too: Those are the true and real meaning of Christmas! The Christmas Spirit that you forgotten!

Quo Vadis World?