Christmas Art Bazaar

A Christmas Art bazaar took place at the Cycladic Art Museum from the 24th to the 26th of November. All revenues are to be donated to the “Hara”, home of people with special needs. The event will be moved to Thessaloniki in December 15 to 17.

Bazart in Athens > The City of Athens is supporting this year’s Christmas charity art bazaar which has been organised by M art Manolioudakis for the past four years. The event will take place at the Museum of Cycladic Art from November 24 to 26 and proceeds will go towards the Hara boarding house for children with special needs. It will then travel to Thessaloniki, to be hosted by the Christian Brotherhood of Thessaloniki Youth (HANTH) from December 15 to 17, with proceeds going to HANTH programmes.

M art established Bazart, a Christmas charity art sale, with the intention of linking art with community service. Each year the event grows in terms of its popularity and contribution to the community, and socially-conscious Athenians consider it an important date on the calendar.

A wide range of art works is on sale at Bazart, including jewellery, toys and handmade items by well-known artists and new talent from all spheres of the art world.

Bazart’s general philosophy has raised the social consciousness of numerous prominent individuals, who will once again support this year’s event. Several will make a surprise appearance at the November 24 launch and also switch professions for a day in the name of charity. More specifically, the celebrities will become salespeople, from which bazaar visitors can purchase works of art.

This year the following items will be on sale >
Unique handmade jewellery, clothing and accessories, homeware, Christmas decoration, handmade usable and decorative items made of aluminium, plexiglas, wood, clay, leather, candles, paintings, watercolours, sculpture, photographs.

Athens’ Bazart is being held in association with the Goulandris Foundation and the Museum of Cycladic Art and will be hosted by the Stathatos Mansion, on the corner of Vasilissis Sofias Avenue and 1 Irodotou Street, from November 24 to 26. A significant portion of the proceeds will help fund the extension of the Hara boarding house, which operates under the auspices of the “Together For Children” association. Operating hours: November 24, 4pm-10pm; November 25-26, 10am-7pm. Entrance to the museum is free and its permanent and visiting exhibitions will be accessible.

Thessaloniki’s Bazart will be held in association with HANTH and take place from December 15 to 17 at the HANTH glass building, at 136 Tsimiski Street A significant portion of the proceeds will help fund HANTH activities. Operating hours: December 15, 5pm-10pm; December 16-17, 10am-7pm.