Crazy Frog > ‘Last Christmas’

Posted On December 5, 2006

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The new offering from the people behind the Crazy Frog is only marginally less annoying than his previous efforts, but it’s something, at least. For their Christmas release, his ‘people’, as it were, have chosen to take Wham! hit ‘Last Christmas’ and forever sully the memory of one of the most perfect Christmas tunes in existence by adding an electronic ‘frog’ into the mix.

We begin with the Frog belting out a bit of his ‘ring ding ding’ stylings, followed by a mediocre slightly karaoke-esque vocal cover of George Michael and Andrew Ridgley’s classic. The Frog intervenes regularly throughout, either copying the tune or harmonising along with it. Thankfully the actual vocals are more prevalent than the frogs. Small mercies, etc.

If you’re one of those people who downloaded the original tune onto your mobile phone, you’ll love this. If not, keep your distance. It’s going to shoot up the charts, and that’s the sad thing.