Good time for bubbly? All the time

It’s the epitome of luxury drinking, the great companion during a moment to remember, the signal that the holiday season has arrived.

Sparkling wine takes center stage this weekend with an exciting, by Greek standards, event scheduled for tomorrow. “Afros kai fyssalides” (Bubbles), organized by highly active Vinetum, promises to be an absolutely sparkling event that will take place at the King George Palace Hotel in downtown Athens.

With a Riedel flute in hand, visitors at the King George will have plenty of bubbly choice, on display will be more than 100 kinds of wines of local and international provenance. The wide range will include champagne, but also a number of popular sparking wines such as Moscato d’Asti and Prosecco, among many more. Visitors will also be able to purchase labels including rare bottles that are hard to find in the Greek market.

The event is also promoting the idea that sparkling wines should not be reserved for holidays or special occasions, but for everyday celebrations. Wine specialists point out that these days, sparkling drinks have become a trend, with global sales steadily going up. Bubbly drinks are great for the aperitif hour, for instance, while more Greek winemakers are preparing to add sparkling choices to their lines.

King George Palace Hotel, Syntagma Square, Athens. For more information, visit