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Posted On December 8, 2006

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staying in >
Writing holiday cards all too often gets shoehorned into the evening hours, cramped in between fixing dinner and the necessity of getting up early for the next work day. Why not spend a snowy Saturday morning on it instead? Look at it this way, the roads will be lousy, and the shopping malls mobbed. With a cup of tea, hot chocolate or coffee at the ready, you can seat yourself at a window to take in the suddenly wintry view and leisurely motor through your list. Overwhelmed by sheer numbers? Consider narrowing recipients to just the out-of-town folks, or friends and relatives you haven’t seen in the past year.

going out >
On the assumption that the weather man was right, and we have snow on the ground this morning, is there a child in your home or in your life who would relish an afternoon of sledding? Few things make you feel as good as scudding down a hill on a flying saucer, small, hyper-excited child in your lap. No offspring of your own? Consider little kids attached to relatives or friends and give a call. Chances are, the parents will be thrilled. And like as not, they’ll have a sled, to boot.