Selections Christmas 2006 for the festive dinner table

“Selections Christmas 2006” for the festive dinner table

A dark green tablecloth, red placemats and napkins, silver-plated candlesticks, clear crystal wine goblets for wine, red for water, and crockery with a Christmas theme.

The Christmas Season is almost upon us. Already bazaars are being held and shop windows being decorated. An exhibition dedicated to “Art de la Table” is being organized for this weekend by the mother-and-daughter decorating team of Eleni Aroni and Athina Aroni-Kanta of the design firm Kleomenous 9 SA, at the Athens Plaza Hotel in Syntagma Square, in downtown Athens.

“Selections Christmas 2006” includes crystal ware, china, silver, objets d’art, jewelry, antiques, furniture, carpets and other decorative pieces. Visitors to the exhibition, held in conjunction with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Association, are invited to make a contribution to the association’s fund. A lottery will also be held for the same purpose.

Semeli and GAEA will be providing wine and appetizers. Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.