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More Bo by Bo Concept > Ultra chic and ultra stylish are the words that fit this wreath’s description. If you’re a fan of glitter but not in the mood to go overboard with your door decoration, this one is definitely for you. Not too big, not too small, it’s a distinctive embellishment that would work better on light coloured front doors. A bit pricey but Bo’s products are known to last, like, forever. Price: £49.

Terrano Mobili > When I asked the nice lady at Terrano Mobili if they have any wreaths this year, it came as a surprise when she handed me a head. What an excellent idea! If you’re tired of the same old thing every year and need a change, I suggest you hurry to Terrano and bag yourself a Father Christmas. The detail on this decoration is unbelievable and worth every penny! Price: £25 (Terrano has a 25% discount on all products until the end of December).

Habitat > Habitat always begs to differ in whatever they do and this year is no exception. If you’re anything like me and love everything shiny and bright for the holidays, then take a look at this one. The wreath is made up of tiny lights, but you do need to plug it in. Although you’ll probably need to tuck the wire away to the side of the door, it’s a joy to look at and people will know you’re well in the spirit. Price: £23.

Debenhams > It’s the store we all love for it’s variety and especially now that it’s that time of year. The store is packed with Christmas goodies and decorations and their wreaths are to die for. Despite my eagerness for strange, modern decorations, I felt this one was the cutest of the lot. Maintaining the traditional wreath design, the base is actually made of soft wooden branches and it’s adorned with miniature figures of snowmen and Father Christmas. Simple yet clever, I would definitely hang this one on my front door. Price: £10.

Ozi > One of those rare wonders that provide women with lovely, elegant, handmade decorations for their home, Ozi is a store you would absolutely love. Shelves packed with all sorts of candles and bowls full of tiny decorations, everything is handmade and that includes the wreaths. Out of all the wonderful ones there I picked out this one because it was the only one that had a welcome sign on it. But that’s not the only reason; if you take a look at it, you will notice the beautiful detailed bows and gold netting that make it an eye-catching piece. Price: £25. Tel: 22 487164.

Warehouse > Very similar to Ozi, this is also one of those shops that stock beautiful ornaments for the home and the cheapest handmade candles I’ve ever seen. But come Christmas, they bring out every decoration item under the sun that can give a house that special holiday touch. The wreaths are magnificent and again handmade; this one is one of those classic beauties with touches of gold and ivory for those of you who prefer more earthy tones than modern. Price: £26. Tel: 22 329798.

Diakosmos > I fell in love with this one-of-a-kind wreath as soon as I saw it. Of course, you could say that it doesn’t even look like a wreath but it’s perfect for those of you who want to avoid Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen and anything usual hanging on your front door. This is unusual, very artistic and would make an outstanding impression on both your visitor and you as it is ridiculously cheap! Gorgeous and cheap? All I can say is wow! Price: £15. Tel: 26 272414.

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  1. joanna "the Baker" smyth

    Just want to thank you for keeping at this and say how much I appreciate your clear and comprehensive comments. I missed the Richmond connection in the original Nation article. Really do hope and expect that someday soon we’ll be reading your work, or something comperable, in the RTD. In the meantime, I’m glad we can read it here.