Is everything on your holiday list?

Holiday Party Planning > At this time of year, your social calendar can begin to look like a railway timetable. Smart planning is the key to success and survival. Get ready for all your home entertaining early and stock up on plenty of good cheer for the new year.
Setting the table > Whether you’re hosting an elegant sit-down dinner or a casual buffet, find everything you need to set off your festive feast. Do not forget to renew your flatware glass and tableware, to buy your gourmet food from your specialist and to buy some new and elegant table linens.

Stock the bar > Throwing a swank cocktail party? Dig out the punch bowl, order some fine wines and make sure you have all the essential bar tools on hand. Remember to check your stock on bar glassware, cocktail accessories, wine accessories and certainly to order bar supplies from your wine shop, have a shopping list handy where you written down your required supplies of wine, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, etc.

Host and hostess gifts > When it’s your turn to be the guest, make sure you’ve got a little something for your hosts. Smart revelers keep a few gifts on hand. Such as gifts for her and for him. Some ideas to help you are: gourmet gifts, wine gift baskets.

Get in the spirit > Holiday music and movies can help you get in the mood for celebrating the season. Add something new to your collection this year. Think what you like, decide on your budget and prepare your final list and do it! Buy them! Books, decorations, movies and music cd’s and dvd’s.

More Ways to Shop and Party Planning > Are you looking for a new digital camera or a home-entertainment system? Then read the Editor’s Picks of your fave magazine, newspaper or watch TV! Don’t forget about buying some new Christmas décor, to send out, on time, your party invitations, do not forget to add an RSVP telephone and contact details. Plan ahead all your wine shop party supplies and gift wrap too.

And a final piece of advice: Planning, planning, planning is the only way leading you to complete success and enjoying a great time on Christmas!