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Posted On December 13, 2006

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One of our readers, Joe Beine, who also maintains a blog here in wp, has graciously contributed a story to read. Thank you Joe!

“I don’t have a pound to give ya,” Mally replied, not really sure how much money she had with her, although she knew it wasn’t much. The shopping mall had paid each of the musicians with a check, and Moira, the cellist and Mally’s best friend, had insisted that all the tip money be donated to the War Child charity.

“It’s Christmas Eve,” the dirty face said, peering at Mally through eyes that matched the dull gray color of the twilight sky. But Mally thought she could make out just a hint of a sparkle hidden somewhere in those twilight eyes.

“I know that,” Mally said. By now she had stopped walking and stood next to the woman, who appeared magically oblivious to the evening’s cold air. Mally moved her viola case to one hand, pulled a glove off the other and dug into a pocket, searching through her change. She found what was probably her only pound coin and pulled it out. The tiny spark in the woman’s eyes glowed brighter at the sight of the tarnished coin, and she quickly reached out to snatch it from Mally’s grasp.

Read the story here > To Hear the Angels Sing

Yes, this is all about the Christmas Spirit. Believe in it!