Christmas Traditions in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a multi-cultural society. There are many races, however, the majority of the people are Chinese and British. Therefore, both the Chinese and Western holidays appear in the Hong Kong calendar.

For instance, Chinese festivals such as “Lunar New Year”, “Mid-Autumn Festival”, “Dragon Boat Festival” and “Ching Ming Festival” are celebrated. As well as Western holidays such as New Year, Easter and Christmas. Hong Kong’s government not only makes these days official holidays, but also holds special celebrations or functions to delight and entertain residents, like the fireworks show in Lunar New Year, or the lantern show during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Hong Kong, like many countries, delights in special decorations for the Christmas season. Even though there is no snow in Hong Kong, snowmen, along with angels, Christmas trees, stars, greetings and other light sculptures are displayed on large buildings.

In Hong Kong, most children have a Christmas party at school. Even though all students do not wear school uniforms, they still wear casual, brightly colored clothes to celebrate the special season. Every classroom is different. Sometimes the classes have a decoration competition to see which grade can make the best decorations. The students and teachers put a lot of effort into it and hope to stand out from the other classes.

Sending cards and gifts are traditional things that they do to show their affection for dear friends. However, the most enjoyable time for the Hong Kong residents, is the time they spend playing, singing and eating together.

During the Christmas season, parents bring their children to see the light decorations along the Victoria harbor. At night, they light the Christmas display which usually features decorations such as Santa Claus, angels, Christmas trees, jingle bells, etc. It is very hard to squeeze into the crowd with so many people there! However, it is easy to share the joy and happiness of the season with others around you.