How to taste sweet wine

Posted On December 15, 2006

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Before you pair a wine with dessert, it’s important to taste the wine carefully and think about what you are tasting. Here are some tricks sommeliers and wine experts use as they pair food and wine.

-Be sure to chill sweet wine well, as the lower temperature diminishes the perception of sweetness, allowing the other flavors in the wine to pop.

-Pour in a glass large enough to trap the aromas.

-Swirl the wine in the glass, then smell it. Try to verbalize what you smell.

-Take a long sip, enough to coat the entire inside of your mouth. Be sure to breathe through your mouth.

-Taste the dessert.

-Take a bite of the dessert in your mouth and add a sip of wine. Yes, this will slime your glass, but it’s necessary. Ask yourself if one flavor buries the other.

-Ask yourself if they do anything for each other.