Peeking at your gifts? You’re not alone!

Can’t resist a quick shake and peep at that present under the Christmas tree? You’re not alone, with a US survey finding one in five adults are present peekers.

The survey of 2,287 US adults by research firm Harris Interactive found the main culprits tend to be women, with 21 per cent unable to resist the temptation for a sneaky peep compared to 15 per cent of men.

The younger 18 to 34 crowd also have less self-control than the 35-plus crowd, with 32 per cent taking a sneaky look compared to 12 per cent, according to the survey that was conducted on behalf of Yahoo! Shopping.

Gift wrapping expert Christine Fritsch, author of the book “Gifted Wrapping”, suggested hiding present for children up high and trying to disguise adult’s presents.

For example put an electronics box on the outside of a non-electronics gift to throw off expert peekers. “If you put a smaller box within a bigger box, you can curb a lot of peeking,” she said.

She also suggested wrapping the present as soon as you get home and leaving off the gift tag until the last minute. And don’t use a gift bag. “That’s just way too easy to peek,” she said.