Eat, drink and be merry

Posted On December 17, 2006

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But forget the full English breakfast and traditional caffeine-laden pick-me-ups for a healthier lead into the New Year.

How anyone can face the full egg-and-bacon works with a hangover has always defeated me, but the logic is that when you line your stomach with grease, however late in the day, it prevents more alcohol from reaching the bloodstream. There are more sensible ways to start the day, though, and to be kind to your poor beleaguered liver at the same time.

Take lecithin for instance: not tops for tickling the tastebuds but in a league of its own for liver support. Its main active constituent is phosphatidyl choline, part of the phospholipid family: these are the chemicals that facilitate the movement of fats in and out of the cells,  just what you need with rich festive fare. Take two teaspoons of lecithin, available from supermarkets and healthstores, daily for breakfast, either with cereal or live local yoghurt and a spoonful of honey.

Vitamin B is always a casualty of alcoholic over-indulgence; replace some elements of the complex with a breakfast banana and wholemeal toast and Marmite. Smoking, active and passive, kills Vitamin C so upping your intake with breakfast is imperative if you’ve been out on the razzle. All citrus fruits are a good source and look for fruit juices fortified with extra C. Better still, make your own juices from fresh; if you can face a ‘green drink’ in the morning, believe it or not raw broccoli, Brussels sprouts and green peppers make a delicious VitC-rich juice combination. Don’t overload your system with caffeine: it only makes the liver problem worse.

“Take more water with it!” is often the laughing comment for those who over-imbibe to the point of falling over, but water is hugely important. Most of us fail to drink our two daily litres in the winter because cold water isn’t appetising when the temperatures drop. Amazingly, hot water, as in the temperature you like your tea, is quite palatable; do try it, you may be surprised! Or a try a cleansing green tea, like Clipper brand with aloe vera.

A brand-new product just caught my attention: Bion*3. It was launched  recently and appears to be an excellent supplement, put together by manufacturers Merck in an innovative way to preserve the potency of its ingredients, essentially vitamins, minerals and probiotics in one capsule. Probiotics replace the essential ‘good bacteria’, killed by alcohol, which your gastric tract needs for proper metabolism of dietary nutrients. Food manufacturers have jumped on the gut-health bandwagon and produced drinks they claim replace good bacteria in the gut but they are sugary and basically a waste of time. Bion*3 is unique: it protects the probiotic layer of the pill within an enteric coating which means the good guys can resist the stomach’s acids and make it through into the intestines.

The product also has the full Recommended Daily Dose (RDA) of Vitamins A, B, C and D. I don’t believe the RDA is actually accurate any more, but it’s the only standard we have and Bion*3 fulfils the criteria well: find the product in local pharmacies. This festive season I shall be taking it last thing, to improve my Vitamin B and C levels overnight and get those miracle probiotics to where they’re needed, ready for the next round of merrymaking.


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