Lights on for Palace Christmas tree

Posted On December 17, 2006

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President Leonel Fernández switched on the Christmas lights at the National Palace yesterday, in the company of hundreds of children, sons and daughters of employees and government officials, who attended the ceremony. The Melodía children’s choir, conducted by Carolina Hernández, sang several seasonal themed songs on the steps leading up to the Palace’s main entrance.

Also present were VP Rafael Alburquerque and his wife Martha de Alburquerque, Administrative Secretary Luis Manuel Bonnetti and his wife Escelina de Bonnetti, Armed Forces Minister, Lieutenant General Ramón Aquino García and Presidential Technical Secretary, Temístocles Montás.

Juan Diego and his sister Sofía de Moya handed the light switch to the President, who lit up the Christmas decorations.

The Administrative Secretariat had given instructions for neighboring residents and their children to be allowed in, so that they could enjoy the show.

Fernández, VP Alburquerque, Bonneti and their wives then went into the Palace to switch the Christmas tree lights on.

The decorations were set up by Decoradora De Flora, the scenery by Jesús Feris, and the Palace show was produced by Ana Rivas.