To the Angels among us

Posted On December 17, 2006

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A quick study of Angels finds these heavenly messengers in some form in nearly all religions of the world.

The word Angel comes from the Greek word Angelos which means messenger. The Ancient Greeks had Hermes and Eros, better known as Cupid, sending messages between gods and men.

In tribal societies, Shamans take wing to search for the souls of those they help. Buddhists have bodhisattvas helping others in their path to enlightenment. Hinduism have devas who act like angels. Angels abound in Jewish texts. In Islam, angels are mentioned in the Qur’an as “walking about in peace and quiet.”  

Of course, many of us are familiar with the Christian Angels including the multifaith Angel, Gabriel, who let Mary know of the Christ child’s arrival at Christmas. It’s fair to say that human beings find comfort in these otherworldly guides who choose to come among us and guide us towards the right path.

Many people can share stories of beings who have come to guide or save them when they were in jeopardy, a rescuer in an accident, a warm hug after a tragedy, a sign when we couldn’t see out of the darkness.

Whether it be the Holy messenger Angels of one’s faith or the ordinary angels of daily life, these beings all work to make our world a better place and inspire us to goodness. So during this Christmas Season, I wish everyone much Peace, Joy, and Happiness. May there be many angels in your life.