This Christmas will be a cakewalk in India!

Posted On December 19, 2006

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The busiest of the lot, of course, are the city bakers who’re working double time to be able to deliver all the orders before Santa comes visiting.

With Christmas round the corner, the city is gearing up for a merry time alright. At home, people have already begun their preparations, but the busiest of the lot, of course, are the city bakers who’re working double time to be able to deliver all the orders before Santa comes visiting.

“We have already started getting orders for cakes and Christmas puddings,” says Anand Bajpai, manager of a local bakery adding, “People have already given bulk orders for cakes, cookies, pastries and puddings.” Nasrullah of another bakery also talks of the number of orders the bakery has already received: “We have already got an order of about 50 cakes so far and are expecting even more by Christmas Eve,” he informs. Echoes Sandeep Sharma, who manager another popular local bakery, “Till now we have got orders for about for dozen cakes. Puddings, cookies etc are separate.”

And it isn’t just the Christian families who’re ordering the cakes. “A lot of non-Christian families also enjoy celebrating Christmas, naturally the quantity of orders for cakes has gone up. Even youngsters get together to party, you know,” Sandeep adds. Agrees Eijaz Khan, another baker who feels that the number of orders from non-Christian families are on a rise, “Christmas has become a universal festival and everyone celebrates it. We’re getting a lot of orders for cakes this year from non-Christian families as well.”

And which flavours are the most popular among the Lucknowites? “People like walnut, cherry, chocolate and rum flavoured cakes the most,” answers Bajpai. Another favourite apparently are the plum cakes which can be stored for longer periods.

And considering the creamy tide that the bakers are trying hard to fight is it good bye home-baked cakes on Christmas? Audrey Philip, an English teacher at a well-known school in the city and mother of two teenaged boys disagrees, “I do buy cakes from the market, but then I bake cakes and cookies at home too. It’s like a ritual. The preparations for the festive plum cake start months in advance and the cakes from the market are usually given away as gifts.”

Richard Matthews, a sales executive in a pharmaceutical company, also shares his sentiments: “My mom still bakes cakes for Christmas. We are all very sentimental about the ones made at home. The Spirit of Christmas dawns on me, only when I smell the aroma of the Christmas cakes,” he smiles.

Agrees Margarette D’Souza, a retired school teacher, “Christmas would seem incomplete without making cakes, cookies and puddings at home. It lends a homely feel to the festival. These things are available in the market the whole year, so making them at home is very special. After all, Christmas doesn’t come every day! As for the ones we buy from the market, they’re usually given away as gifts.”