Christmas Traditions in Ghana


In response to the above Christmas greeting in Ghana, one would reply: Afe nko betu yen which means May another year come to meet us again, an expression that surpasses all tribal bounds and is used by all Ghanaians.

Unlike most countries, Ghana celebrates Christmas by having people from various localities, mainly young boys, dress in fancy and colorful costumes and dance on the main streets of towns and cities to the tune of brass band music. Large crowds fill the streets to observe the celebration.

This art of masquerading was imported from Brazil and has been associated with the Fante communities in Ghana. It is found mainly in Central Ghana and parts of the western regions of the country. Sometimes the masqueraders even enter people’s homes. In the joyous spirit of Christmas, families join in and also dance to the music. Gifts of money, food, and drinks are given to the masqueraders.