George Michael’s Xmas > TV, Dad and Me

Couch potato yuletide for ‘Last Christmas’ singer

Pop Superstar George Michael, of Greek-Cypriot origin, is spending Christmas with his dad in front of the TV.

The pop superstar, who scored a massive festive hit in 1984 with ‘Last Christmas’ when he was one half of Wham!, has turned down several invites from his famous friends to spend the day with his Greek Cypriot father Jack.

George, 43, is looking forward to a quiet Yule Tide watching some “good old “Christmas TV” while eating chocolates. Although he can’t wait to start watching the festive programmes, there seems to be one glaring omission from the scheduling on the major terrestrial British channels which is upsetting George.

He told Britain’s Daily Express newspaper: “I’m annoyed that ‘White Christmas’ seems to be missing from the TV schedules this year.”