No firecrackers for New Year in Fiji

Posted On December 29, 2006

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Shoppers who were hopeful to buy firecrackers to boost their New Year celebrations have no choice but to crush their plans because the firecracker ban has not been lifted.

No one is allowed to use firecrackers during the New Year celebrations, said Director of Police Operations, Assistant Superintendent Jahir Khan last night. He said the use of firecrackers is totally banned during New Year because no approval had been given by the Mineral Resources Department.

“As far as I’m concerned people are not allowed to use firecrackers because no permission has been given by the department concerned,” ASP Khan said. “It is the Mineral Resources that give approval on the use of firecrackers and when it is given we are notified. We have not received any notification and this would mean that its use is forbidden, so people must not use any sort of firecrackers,” he said. He said the ban was imposed on all sorts of firecrackers and police would monitor the ban.

But the military yesterday said people would be allowed to use firecrackers to welcome the New Year. Military spokesman Major Neumi Leweni said that there would be no ban on firecrackers this New Year because a different government was in control. He said people would be allowed to celebrate the New Year as they wished and if it included firecrakers then so be it. Military checkpoints are also likely to remain in place around the country.

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