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Posted On December 31, 2006

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President Karolos Papoulias issued a New Year’s message over the weekend, expressing the wish that 2007 will be a year of progress and one of peace and justice for Greeks all over the world.

“Today, in some homes, I hope in most, joy prevails for the change of year. However, my thoughts turn primarily to those homes where scepticism is dominant because problems leave no space for celebrations,” he said.

President Papoulias went on to say that “I believe that for our country, that has succeeded in consolidating a stable democracy following many difficult periods, every year will be and should be better than the previous one.”

Referring to people in distress, President Papoulias said “the focus of our efforts must be people in need, those who are deprived, those who hear us politicians speaking of prosperity and wonder what is going on. On such days, loneliness and physical or financial weakness, when they exist, become really intolerable.”

Lastly, President Papoulias stressed that “we are all in need of hope, because if we believe that there is no hope there will be none.”