If your dinner sparkles, why not your wine?

Posted On December 31, 2006

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While it may look and taste as though this holiday pork roast dinner is labor-intensive, you’ll be surprised to find that it takes little time to prepare, and a good part of it can be made in advance.

So with the time you’ve saved, pop open a bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate the season. Some things to know:

• Sparkling white wines are often referred to as Champagne. But only those produced in the Champagne region in northeast France are authorized to use the name spelled with a capital C. Sparkling wines made with similar methods are called spumante in Italy, cava in Spain and vin mousseux in France when coming from any region besides Champagne. Those wines that are made according to the same process as true Champagne indicate “methode champenoise” on the label.

• Sparkling wines can cost less than $10 a bottle and as much as hundreds of dollars. The sweetest are labeled doux; for a less sugary taste, look for demi-sec (drier), sec (dry), extra sec (extra dry) or brut (bone dry).

• You can sip sparkling white wine on its own, or pair it with salty appetizers, seafood or spicy food. These wines should always be served cold preferably in tall, narrow glasses to preserve the bubbles.