Italy > New Year’s Eve in Emiglia Romagna

In the Riviera of the Emiglia Romagna region there is to be a huge number of celebrators for the end of the year: according to the figure released today by the Rimini Tourism Board, 650 hotels will be open for the occasion, 250 more than for the rest of the year.

The increase is the result of New Year’s Eve to be shown live on TV from Rimini, which has by now become the ideal one for all Italians. “Italians are choosing us,” said tourism councilman for the Rimini province Andrea Gnassi, “because the Riviera of Rimini is a real place, with warmth and hospitality, and genuine human relations. The most famous place on the Riviera focuses on large-scale events, New Year’s Eve, Moto Gp, etc. to take its place on the Italian and foreign markets. Following an event, which works as a boost, sector operators begin evaluating what they want to offer.

Key to the success of Rimini is vitality, cohesion and spirit of initiative. Many hotels have come onto the market with packages that include the dinner and dance. These hotels are those that immediately filled up. Even other operators, such as nightclubs, etc., attracted their guests with a large variety of offers and packages.

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