Wrap up your New Year’s Eve appetizers with the Greek pastry dough

Posted On December 31, 2006

Filed under Hellenic Food

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It’s often the biggest party of the year, New Year’s Eve. This year impress your guests with tasty appetizers made with Greek phyllo. Phyllo dough often gets a bad rap because the tissue-thin sheets can be hard to work with. True, the dough is fragile, but it’s a lot easier to work with if you follow a few guidelines:

• Purchase fresh phyllo if you can. If you must buy frozen dough, thaw it in its packaging in the refrigerator overnight.

• Use the smaller sheets (about 8 by 12-inches). They’re easier to work with when making small appetizers.

• Always keep the sheets covered with a slightly damp clean dishtowel to prevent them from drying.

• Use clarified butter to brush on the sheets in streaks. The sheets should not be overly saturated.