Epiphany Witches Regatta in Venice, Italy

Posted On January 3, 2007

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From 06 January 2007 to 07 January 2007

This is an extraordinary regatta with costumes celebrated on Epiphany day along the Grand Canal. A fun regatta among old members of the oldest Venetian rowing society, the Bucintoro. Fifty men dressed as “Befane” challenge each other on the main part of the Grand Canal from S. Tomà up to Rialto Bridge. Arrival of the Befane is represented by a gigantic sock hung over the Rialto bridge for the occasion.

The Befana is one of the most popular traditions of the Italian collective consciousness. Her legend dates back to pre-Christian times. Nowadays, in the popular Christian culture, the Befana brings presents as a reminder of those given to Baby Jesus by the Magi. This very charming old lady flies on a broom bringing a bag stuffed with gifts on the night between the fifth and sixth of January. Then, sliding down the houses chimneys, she stuffs the socks left hanging by the children.

When: January 6, time: 11am Where: in the Grand Canal. Departure from Palazzo Balbi in San Tomà.