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Posted On January 4, 2007

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Pork roast (Choose one with some skin; pork butt also works well)
1/4 cup Garlic
3-4 Tbls. Oregano
Fresh Grapefruit, enough for ½ cup juice
Fresh Limes, enough for ½ cup juice

1. With a long knife stab the meat as far as it will go on the bare side. Don’t stab the skin. Open the holes and stuff in a mix of the garlic and oregano. This will make stripes of flavor throughout.
2. Squeeze the limes and grapefruit and cover the meat with the juice.
3. Add a liberal coating of garlic and oregano.
4. For optimum flavor and tenderness, marinate the pork the night before. Put it in a plastic or glass container and refrigerate.
5. Take the roast out of the refrigerator at least a couple of hours before cooking. Wipe the skin side to with a paper towel to take off the marinade. Put it into a roasting pan and cover, ideally a pan that will hold the meat above the juices.
6. Set the oven at 400 degrees for the first hour. Then, uncover and lower the heat to 350. Cook until the internal temperature is about 160 degrees. Make sure you don’t put the thermometer on the bone. Depending on the size of the roast, cooking should be about 3 to 5 hours.