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You all know that not everybody in the world eats black-eyed peas to ensure luck and prosperity on New Year’s Day, don’t cha?

If you want to be absolutely sure of your luck in 2007, you might want to assemble a meal of global New Year’s foods, as listed by Hallmark Magazine.

Begin at midnight, in fact, with the Spanish custom of eating one grape on each stroke of midnight.

Then, the next morning, start your day with doughnuts (Holland).

At dinner, begin the meal with soba noodles from Japan, moving on to lasagna (Sicily) made with sausage (Italy), with your black-eyes on the side.

Finish off with rice pudding with a lucky almond baked into it (Norway) and Saint Basil’s cake [Vasilopitta] from Greece, a sweet cake with a coin baked inside.

Before bed, snack on some marzipan pigs (Germany).