Maltese dined and wined less this holiday season

Posted On January 7, 2007

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Maltese seemed to have spent less on bars and restaurants this Christmas period since the sector registered notable loses in a survey held by the General Retailers’ and Traders Union.

The survey also revealed that the Christmas period for retailers in the clothes and IT industry was positive.

None of the bars and restaurants owners responded positively to the question on whether they recorded better sales this year. Fifty-six per cent said they did not so bad, while 44 per cent said that they fared badly this year.

At a more general level the annual GRTU survey found that 41 per cent of the retailers said that their sale levels was good during the Christmas period whilst another 59 per cent said that their sales were not so bad or bad.

The most noteworthy increase in sales was registered in the gadgets and IT industry. The advent of iPod and Nintendo Wii seem to have boosted the sector, sources in the industry told

The GRTU secretary general Vince Farrugia said that the good weather and local activities during the Christmas season contributed to better levels of sales. But he also said that he was expecting better results from this survey.

Farrugia went on record early in December saying that this Christmas was going to be the best Christmas in years for retailers. The statement is now being contradicted by the GRTU’s survey and a large number of retailers who were not satisfied with their sales this Christmas.