Repairing broken snow globes

Christmas Season is over. You enjoyed some great time having guests at home. However, it may be possible that you encountered some slight problems, such as one of your guests or their child, accidentally dropped your fave snow globe and it seems that it is broken. Is it possible to repair a cracked snow globe you may ask.

Well, a broken snow globe is not easy to mend, but if you have an antique or sentimentally valuable piece, it may be worthwhile to enlist the help of a professional who can fix it for you. A snow globe usually consists of figurines encapsulated in a glass or plastic sphere. This globe is filled with a mixture of distilled water and glycerin, which helps the glittery “snow” float, and attached to a base.

Since the late 19th century, when snow globes were first produced, the snow has been made of ground rice, bone, ceramic or porcelain, and the figures fashioned from bisque, stone or metal. These days, the snow is more likely to be composed of granular plastic pieces, which are textured to aid buoyancy, simple plastic glitter is used in inexpensive models. The majority of today’s figures are also plastic.

Most modern glass globes are as thin as eggshells and will probably shatter if dropped, says a snow-globe repair specialist. Vintage globes have slightly thicker glass and aren’t quite as fragile.

For about $15 to $50, professionals, search online to find one, can replace a glass globe, add new snow, refill liquid that has evaporated or become cloudy, and so on. However, have in mind that plastic globes cannot usually be repaired. More extensive fixes, such as repairing chipped figures, will be pricier.

5 Responses to “Repairing broken snow globes”

  1. Jessica

    I have a very sentimental tinkerbell globe willed to my 1 year old daughter from my mom who just passed away. The glass is broken but the tink figurine is still in place. It has sparkles in the water solution. I am looking for a way to repair the globle. Help!!!

  2. grhomeboy

    Jessica, what a pity! As mentioned in our article, see last paragraph, make a search on-line to find a repair professional. Good luck!

  3. karen

    i have a leaky snowglobe. i have the bottom off, and am almost ready to take the rubber plug off of it.
    for the water solution- do i use distilled water, or water/alchoel solution? it is a disney with snow white and a wishing well. and there is a 7- dwarf figure inside of the globe.
    any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

  4. James Purcell

    I see that their are still some people looking for Snow Globe repairs we at James Purcell’s repair shops will look after all of your problems Send us an “E” and tell us about the problems that your Globe has . We are in Canada but receive Globes from all over the world .We do restore the memories and smiles as well as the Globe !

    With your best interest in mind ! Jim.


  5. terry jeffers

    I have a snow globe and the water is cloudy can you repair this
    the globe is about 8″ in dia. and it has a wooden base it is also musical.